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A one-woman play exploring the art, life, and loves 
of Georgia O'Keeffe,
the iconic 20th Century American artist

Two forces shaped Georgia O’Keeffe as an artist and a woman: her passionate quest to find and express her artistic voice, and her tumultuous love affair and 31-year marriage to the revolutionary photographer and champion of the Modern Art Movement, Alfred Stieglitz. In O’KEEFFE!, Georgia–witty, irreverent and decades ahead of her time–shares revealing scenes from her challenging life as she asks the audience to help her decide whether her iconic place in Modern Art was shaped by “me or Stieglitz?”.
O'KEEFFE! produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.
Flower and Bone Productions was formed to produce one-actor plays, including
THE BABE YOU DON'T KNOW, a one-man play by Dennis West, to premier this summer (also available for touring);
O'KEEFFE! by Lucinda McDermott, a one-woman play that toured for 3 years; and
THE SECOND SEASON at Henderson County Performing Arts Center in Athens, TX, a series of one-woman plays for the 2014 season.
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Thanks to Bill Clark of the Columbia Daily Tribune for listing O'Keeffe! as one of the year's best theater performances!
and to Nancy Churnin of the Dallas Morning News for her review:

​"We saw O'Keefe in Santa Fe last night. Carolyn Wickwire navigated Georgia O'Keefe's emotional and artistic terrain with sensitivity, deep understanding while powerfully exposing her pain and passion. Exquisite performance. Not to be missed."

"I walked away with a font of not only facts but also an understanding of her emotional turmoil. I found myself lost in the experience of another’s interpretation of the artist and her art." 

"You could literally see the recognition of people saying 'We have something of real excellence here, here in Malakoff, here in this community center.' I could almost hear the breaths of incredulousness as the performance went on. 'This is so good, it’s something I’ll never forget.' 
   They’ll probably be telling this story to generations to come. With pride, because they were there. It was the right place because you made it so, and it truly made believers in a community of itself and its creative value. It’s something we, who live there, have been trying to get them to see. You did it in one night with no stage lights. It truly was a beautiful gift."

"AN ENGAGING ODYSSEY...Wickwire continues to be a fascinating, immensely talented actor; her interpretation in O'KEEFFE! is enchanting and provocative."

"Thank you so much for bringing ‘O'Keeffe’ to the Crowley Theater. Carolyn Wickwire was as delicious and full of surprise as a meal at Cochineal. As an artist and a woman I was inspired and moved. It is so hard to balance love and art and it was comforting to see the issues of a complex life simplified into a bite-sized meal. I will savor it for a long time to come.”

"My muse and I went to Marfa, TX last night to watch Carolyn Wickwire transform herself into Georgia O’Keeffe in the play titled ‘O’Keeffe’. Ms. Wickwire was mesmerizing in her metamorphoses and at times I felt I was watching and hearing the real Ms. O’Keeffe."

"We both wanted to thank you for producing and bringing O'Keeffe to Marfa. We had a great time! We both thought Carolyn Wickwire was really inspiring to watch. The set design was terrific. All a pleasure for fans of figurative art."

Flower and Bone Productions
Producers: Carolyn Wickwire and Dennis West
Carolyn Wickwire

Directed by:
Ouida White
  by Lucinda McDermott  
A one-man play written and performed by Dennis West

A one-man play revealing the man behind the iconic 20th Century baseball star. Babe Ruth--the man whose life off the ball field was as exciting and dynamic as his play on the field.

 If Babe were a young boy today he would be diagnosed as ADHD. He was a good man and a bad man. His life was a series of excesses, yet he was and is still loved by millions even beyond his untimely death in 1948. 

The play allows Babe to come back and share stories of his life that were never reported during his lifetime.

This is a family-friendly play. A 10-year-old Little Leaguer and his/her great-grandfather can share laughter and tears together.

​The Sultan of Swat Is Back!