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Flower and Bone Productions

A theatrical production company in Albuquerque, NM

2022-2023 SEASON:

Septenber 9-11, 2022

Flower and Bone Productions and

the College of Fine Arts at the University of New Mexico




SHOWS AT N4th Theater:

March 23-April 9, 2023

Parted Waters

by Robert Benjamin

Directed by Duchess Dale

Parted Waters is a comedic family drama about three generations of Hispanics in northern New Mexico grappling with their secret family ancestry. When the explosive truth is revealed, the grandfather accomplishes his legacy, as each family member surprisingly finds their peace despite the turmoil and misperceptions. 

May 11-28, 2023

The Mind Has Legs

by Vicki Meagher

Directed by Duchess Dale

In a devastating instant in Taos, New Mexico, the lives of two emotionally challenged people intersect. Hardy is a middle-aged software engineer, model train enthusiast, and unfulfilled Buddhist meditator. Megan is a young, depressed victim of an earlier tragedy who uses free-form dancing to express herself. Can they make a connection with each other in spite of not knowing how to be friends with anyone?

July 13-30, 2023

Sultan of Swat: The Babe Ruth You Don't Know

by Dennis West

A look inside the life of the iconic baseball player, Babe Ruth.

The man behind the legend.


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