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PARTED WATERS:  A new play with written by Robert Benjamin, directed by Duchess Dale. Produced by Flower and Bone Productions at N4th Theater  


Audition dates:  Monday, December 12: 7:30-9:00 and

Tuesday, December 13:  7:30-9:00

(Invited Callbacks Saturday, December 17, 12:30-2:30)

(Auditions at Maple Street Dance Studio, 3215 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque)


Production dates: March 24-April 9, 2023



Email to request your appointment time (auditions will be in 15-minute increments).  We will do our best to accommodate your preference.


Please attach a headshot and resume and indicate which role you are interested in auditioning for. Sides will be sent to you along with audition time. Please note conflicts.


Parted Waters by Robert F. Benjamin

Synopsis.  Parted Waters is a family drama about three generations of the

men in a New Mexico Hispanic family coming to terms with the family's

secret Jewish ancestry, dating back hundreds of years.  When Miguel,

blunders during a political debate, his father, Javier and grandfather,

Reynaldo realize the secret can no longer be kept from him.  Hostile

accusations and a family $ght cause one of them to be hospitalized, as

Miguel's campaign manager, Rachel strives to help him navigate the

turbulent political waters in this tale of family identity, loyalty and love.

Miguel (age: early 30’s, Hispanic).  Macho, impulsive candidate for public office.

Single.  Initially, he doesn't know about the family's hidden Judaism.

Javier (age: early to mid- 50’s, Hispanic).  Miguel's father and Reynaldo's son, he

wants to assimilate by keeping the family's Judaism hidden and even by

subordinating his Hispanic heritage to be perceived as simply "American." 

He's a successful engineer at an Albuquerque manufacturing plant. Married

with three children.

Reynaldo (age:  early to mid-70’s, Hispanic).  Miguel's grandfather; Javier's father;

widowed.  He has been a farmer in Espanola valley for decades and he's now

steward of the local irrigation ditch.  He is comfortable being outwardly

Catholic and secretly Jewish.  He tried to pass this heritage to Javier who not

only declined to engage the hidden Judaism, but has kept it from his son,


Rachel (age: early 30’s, Jewish).  Single.  Campaign manager for Miguel and

daughter of Miguel's opponent in the election.

Phyllis (age: early to mid 50’s, Jewish).  Divorced. Miguel's opponent in the primary

election and mother of Rachel

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