Because of the current health mandates,

SULTAN OF SWAT has been canceled for 2020.

Painting by Cheryl Hicks

Dennis West as Babe Ruth

SULTAN OF SWAT: The Babe Ruth You Don't Know

A one-man play written and performed by Dennis West and directed by Rick Huff


A one-man play revealing the man behind the iconic 20th Century baseball star. Babe Ruth--the man whose life off the ball field was as exciting and dynamic as his play on the field.


 If Babe were a young boy today he would be diagnosed as ADHD. He was a good man and a bad man. His life was a series of excesses, yet he was and is still loved by millions even beyond his untimely death from throat cancer in 1948. 


The play allows Babe to come back and share stories of his life that were never reported during his lifetime.


This is a family-friendly play. A 10-year-old Little Leaguer and his/her great-grandfather can share laughter and tears together.


For schedule and ticket information, see Schedule.

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